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This wig type will give you a deep bang over your eye. ***L-parts may be tricky for those unfamiliar with wearing them. If you are unsure as to how to braid or part your hair for an L-part unit, and do not plan to have the unit installed by a professional, I would recommend purchasing a side-part wig instead. This will give you the same over the eye effect, but will not be as dramatic as the L-part unit.*** 

Please indicate below which side you'd like your parting on. A right-side L-part will allow the bang to fall over your left eye, and vice-versa. 

L-part Wig Making Service

  • ***Please note, this is just the cost to create the wig with up to 3 bundles of hair. Each additional bundle is $15(Additional bundle charge can be selected on our Services page). Hair is NOT included in this pricing!***


    Send in your own bundles to have your unit created, or, if bundles, closures and/or frontals are needed, please visit our Virgin Hair site: to place your order. You may also visit the "Mayvenn Virgin Hair" section on our site to be redirected!
    ***10% off all Mayvenn orders of 3 items or more, everyday.....and more!!***

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