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Frontal wigs are the trendiest wigs right now! These wigs are 100% protective styles, as no hair is left out. Most frontals measure 13 x 4", which allows you to part the unit anywhere from ear-to-ear. These units are great for those who are suffering with issues concerning their edges or bald spots, or even those who have suffered hair loss due to medical issues. These units can be sewn down, taped down or an alternative adhesive can be used such as "Got2Be" gel and/or freeze spray. 


***HHG offers generic hairline plucking/customization, being that it is impossible to customize the hairline perfectly without the client being present. Knot bleaching is also available for all closures and frontals. Additional customization of the hairline may be done by your stylist once you receive the completed unit from HHG. Please visit the "Services" page to order these services for your custom unit, if needed.***

Frontal Wig Making Service (Lace Front Wig)

  • ***Please note, this is just the cost to create the wig with up to 3 bundles of hair. Each additional bundle is $15(Additional bundle charge can be selected on our Services page). Hair is NOT included in this pricing!***


    Send in your own bundles to have your unit created, or, if bundles, closures and/or frontals are needed, please visit our Virgin Hair site: to place your order. You may also visit the "Mayvenn Virgin Hair" section on our site to be redirected!
    ***10% off all Mayvenn orders of 3 items or more, everyday.....and more!!***

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