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About Her Hair Glory...

Hey Dolls! My name is Danita and I am the President of Her Hair (is her) Glory Custom Wigs and Virgin Hair, Inc., and I specialize in creating FABULOUS custom wigs of all types! 


Ok, so just a little about me...I'm going to do my absolute best to keep it short and sweet (when people say this, you should already know that it's going to be a long story:o). I have been the designated hairdresser for my family and friends since I was a teenager.  After having very long hair for most of my life and having a good amount of it fall out due to a combination of taking certain medications along with poor hair care practices, I became completely frustrated and decided to nurse my hair back to health. In February 2012, I did the "Big Chop" on my hair. I cut it down to about 1" all around and as I had absolutely NO idea how to work with 1" hair, I began my search for alternative hairstyles that I could wear while growing my hair out.  ENTER, WIGS!


After teaching myself some of the wig techniques that I'd learned, adding my own spin to some of those techniques and eventually  making quite a few U-part wigs for myself(I have an extensive collection), I found myself ALWAYS receiving compliments on my hair. This brought forth the idea of creating these units for others and out of that, Her Hair Glory was birthed. I tell you, if you are truly skilled at something, work at perfecting that gift because God has TRULY blessed the works of my hands, as even I am amazed at some of these gorgeous units that I am creating!  I am not a professional! I am self-taught and simply just love to create and all things hair!


The idea of a wig has come such a long way. If installed and worn correctly, wigs are now undetectable and appear as if they are coming straight from your scalp. They are easily taking the place of traditional sew-ins, being that the whole sitting for hours to have tracks sew-in situation, is becoming a thing of the past. My custom wigs are sewn to ONE perimeter braid around your head or if using wig clips attached to the unit, snapped into place on your head and you're done. That's it. 


Feel free to take a look at some of the units I've created in "The Show-Off Room". I have created over 500 units for clients all over the world ranging from Brooklyn, NY to Italy and Doha, Qatar! If you have any questions about the units I've created or would like to have a unit replicated, feel free to contact me via the contact us form or at


I urge you to check back often for our Ready-to-Ship units. They sell-out almost immediately, so don't miss out! Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know about our sales and Ready-to-Ship units!

Take care and be blessed!


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